Partworn Tyres

Fair Deal Autos Partworn Tyre Range

“Price includes tyre fitting & balance etc no hidden cost”

SizeSPMake£ End Price
12"TBRANDED£12 - £14
13"TBRANDED£15 - £18
14"TBRANDED£19 - £22
15"HBRANDED£21 - £24
16"HBRANDED£25 - £28
17"VBRANDED£33 - £38
18"VBRANDED£38 - £40
19" +WBRANDED£42 - £70



Why should I use Partworn Tyres?

Are you against buying used tyres?

Just think about it… “everybody is driving on used tyres”

  • Buying used tyres makes financial and environmental sense
  • Beat The Credit Crunch buy partworn tyres
  • Partworn tyres, tyres to suit every budget
  • Using Part Worn Tyres helps the environment, by reusing tyres others have replaced.
  • Many people are now fitting Part Worn Tyres instead of New Tyres due to cost.


Is this a new trend?

No, the selling of Part Worn Tyres has been around for many years.

If you ask many people about Part Worn Tyres, most will associate them with dodgy looking tyres with hardly any tread being sold from a backstreet garage. Nowadays and especially in the current economic climate, more and more people are looking for a cheaper way to replace worn out tyres on their cars and with some high performance cars using bigger tyres as standard (some Porsches for example have a 305/30/19 tyre on the rear, the cost of a new tyre is over £350 each!), fitting Part Worn Tyres is a sensible alternative.

If you follow some basic steps (click on the Are Part Worn Tyres Safe link above), you can get yourself some excellent quality part worn tyres for a fraction of the cost of exactly the same new tyre. More and more people are buying part worn tyres, whether they are just doing it to sell a car on or replacing slick tyres, the benefits are now higher than ever before.


Are Part Worn Tyres Safe?

99.9% of Part Worn Tyres are safe.

If you follow these few simple steps, you can protect yourself from purchasing tyres that are either illegal and/or dangerous:

  • Buy from sellers who do it for a living. Should you have a problem with your used tyres, you will always have someone to go back to.
  • The seller of the tyre should always state if the tyre has had a puncture repair done to it or if it has any sidewall damage (ie chunks out of the rim protector).
  • NEVER buy a tyre that has had a puncture repaired in the sidewall or has had a major repair done to any part of the tread.

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